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The word Poltergeist is German for 'Noisy Spirit' and this particular phenomenon has been recorded for many years. This is probably the most destructive and terrifying of all paranormal activity. British paranormal investigator, Harry Price didn't hold back his objectives. Price stated that poltergeist can be cruel and spiteful. He also stated ghosts seem to haunt where poltergeists infest. There is a possibility that the haunting phenomenon and the poltergeist phenomenon may not be related, however, there does not seem to be enough scientific evidence for such a theory. Some scientific establishments refer to poltergeist activity as being caused by a suppression of sexual energy which is often found in adolescents.

Poltergeist are known to have attempted communication audibly or by writing, even though most messages are malicious. The most common question is that, do these incidents occur from a single entity or from within the witnesses themselves? Children have been known to have been attacked or maimed by unseen forces, and also injured by flying projectiles. Houses have been plagued with a constant pelting of small rocks and stones. Formings are also known to have occurred during this type of activity such as, water, oil, tar and even on the odd occasion blood. Most haunting's refer to haunted places; poltergeists have been described as haunted people. The extra-ordinary and often destructive action of poltergeists is usually attributed to one person around whom the phenomenon focuses. This has given rise to the theory that poltergeists are either internally generated by people in a state of stress or that external discarnate entities are able to latch on to one particular person through whom they then act. By its nature, poltergeist activity is probably the most frequently reported type of haunting and is a world wide phenomenon which dates back centuries beyond centuries.

Poltergeists have been referred to as, Ghosts, Elemental's, Entities, Agencies, Secondary Personalities, Intelligence's, Powers, Spirits, Imps and so on..............
One thing these all share is certain unpleasant characteristics. Where as the ordinary ghost of our story books is :- quiet, inoffensive, timid, noiseless, and benevolent. The poltergeist is usually the opposite. There are many differing effect of poltergeist activity. They are often :- mischievous, destructive, noisy, cruel, erratic, thievish, demonstrative, purposeless, cunning, unhelpful, malicious, audacious, teasing, ill-disposed, spiteful, ruthless, resourceful, vampiric and much more. In all circumstances alleged ghosts usually prefer solitude where as a poltergeist prefers company. A ghost seeks the half light where as the poltergeist will perform on the sunniest of days, (as it may have in the Gardners home).

We find that the term poltergeist is a compound of the German verb 'polter' "To make a noise by knocking or tumbling things about, to knock or rattle, to scold or blister". The noun 'geist', a ghost. The noun 'polter' or 'polterer' is a blusterer, bully, hector, roisterer, or noisy person. Interesting derivatives are 'polterzimmer', a room set aside for children, where they can make a noise, smash their toys and work off their anger. Polterabend is the night before a wedding, on which occur noisy demonstrations by young people of both sexes, who smash things outside the bride's house. Poltergeist infestations or visitations begin quite inexplicably, run their course and then cease as mysteriously as they begun. An adolescent (more often a girl than a boy) is almost invariably present in the affected household, and this young person appears to be the nexus and attraction of the occurrences. Should he or she be moved at the height of strange happenings, the disturbances will sometimes move with the adolescent and reappear wherever he or she goes. It seems likely that there is a psychological basis, but physical objects have undoubtedly moved under conditions which preclude may psychologists theories and it may be that an unusual combination of psychological tension, sexual awakening, physical energy and intense (but possibly unconscious) concentration and single - mindedness may produce a poltergeist. The one comforting thought is that poltergeist disturbances do not usually last for very long.

Certain observations have been made. Poltergeist projected objects invariably finish up at a lower level than the one they were at originally, there-by using the minimum amount of energy; such objects are not usually seen to commence movement, and the human eye seems to be a deterrent. Objects flying through the air often drop to the ground as soon as they are observed. Many of the young people involved are above average in intelligence, and usually healthy, although some are subject to hysterical outbursts. Poltergeist disturbances do not seem to occur when the young person in the case is enjoying a normal sleep, and so it would appear that the higher centres of the brain are in some way involved. Apparitions are not usually encountered in poltergeist cases, but like everything else, there are exceptions. The puzzling thing is, how it is possible for a person to be responsible for such destructive activities and yet be totally unaware that he or she is the cause. Psychologist 'Sperry' discovered that we literally have two different people living in our heads and that the person living in the right cerebral hemisphere is not really you. Yet the disturbed children involved in poltergeist cases are not split-brain patients (like some epileptics), and this, in turn underlines something that we are all aware of. That we are self - divided and that the 'other - self' is inclined to go its own way.

This still leaves the question, how does that 'other - self' cause objects to fly through the air or metal to become hot? The answer could lie in the observation that some dowsers can be thrown into convulsions when they stand above underground springs, anyway, that's another topic of study which may be covered at a later date. If we assume that it is the right brain that is sensitive to various earth fields, then it seems conceivable that the right side of the brain has access to some powerful energy source, either in the human body or, possibly, in the Earth itself, (in which case it could be regarded as a kind of transformer). This still fails to explain how it can produce 'action at a distance' and we are left to suppose that we are dealing with energy fields at present unknown to science. Scientists more readily except poltergeist behaviour to be the result of a form of uncontrolled psychokinesis (PK), formally known as telekinesis.

In spite of the currently fashionable practice of exorcising such 'haunted houses', malicious spirits need not be assumed to be the cause. In practically every authenticated case of poltergeist activity, an adolescent or child has been present in the house, or associated closely with the house, and frequently, the child has been shown to be under some sort of stress at the time the incidents occur. For this reason, poltergeists are generally thought to be an example of very powerful (PK) Psychokenisis (formally Telekinesis) abilities which are being unconsciously used by the child. The characteristics to check for in such adolescents are, Intense EEG activity, Dizziness, Sleep deprivation or disorders, Paralysis, Loss of sense of taste, High blood sugar values, Pulse weak and erratic, Hormone balance disturbed, The presence of large amounts of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline hormones in the brain, Loss of body weight, Pains in limbs, and Weakness.

One of the earliest recorded incidents of Poltergeist phenomena took place in 858 BC at Bingen in Germany. Some of the better known cases are below:-

Case 1:
In the Atlanta home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson; blood appeared on the walls and floors. The blood eventually vanished just as mysteriously as it appeared. A sample of the blood was taken to a local scientific establishment and analysed only to reveal that the blood was human type, group 'O'. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are both blood type 'A'. To this date no rational explanation has been found.

Case 2:
In 1889, the Dagg family in Quebec, Canada, were plagued by a disruptive spirit. An eleven year old girl called, Dinah, who had been adopted was physically attacked by an unseen force and she claimed that time to time it would speak to her. This had allegedly taken place on more than one occasion. When Dinah asked if anyone was there she often heard a reply. A visitor went with Dinah to the wood shed where Dinah had claimed to have heard the strange voice. Again when Dinah asked, 'is anyone there' a voice of an old man could clearly be heard, speaking of obscenities. The voice said, 'I am the devil, get out or I'll break your neck'. The following day a crowd of people gathered to hear the strange voice speak. They were not disappointed, however, some were embarrassed when the voice started revealing intimate secrets about their private lives.

Case 3:
In 1977, in Enfield, London, a rasping male voice was heard coming from another eleven year old girl and the most astonishing claim was that her vocal cords were not being used. The voice claimed to be of a dead man who once lived at the house. Again the voice was abusive. Through the aid of research, it was established that the man in question did in fact die in the house.

Case 4:
A poltergeist infested house in Ireland, the unseen force communicated using rapping sounds. One of the founders of the Society of Psychical Research (SPR), Sir William Barrett, discovered that the rapping noises responded to his mental requests. He would think of a number then ask the poltergeist to knock that many times. He tried this four times and each time was successful. This apparent ability of spirits to communicate by rapping led to the development of table tilting (typtology).

Case 5:
In 1995, the Manchester Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Team (MAPIT), investigated a poltergeist case in Rochdale, UK. The most astonishing thing was that the poltergeist activity continued to take place throughout the night even though the focus (adolescent) and her family were removed from the building. Also the main investigator, Stephen Mera, was physically marked in one of the bedrooms. The markings soon disappeared, but the shock didn't. Also in this case there was water formings that were later analysed by North West Water laboratories. The results showed a huge amount of conductivity, something not normally found in water.

Statistics show that out of 100 investigated cases of poltergeist infestations, only 12% are investigated by competent outsiders, and the activity itself seems to be more intense during the evening rather than the morning. Most poltergeist activity seems to be a House Centred Phenomena. There are a number of profound incidents regularly reported during such infestations. Apportations are when objects disappear from its original place, sometimes never to be found, or to turn up in an odd place. Asportations aren when objects appear from nowhere. Often thought of as the opposite action to an apportation. Any time between an object disappearing and appearing is usually known as the limbo time. The Focus is a term given to an adolescent or individual who is adversely effected by the presence of poltergeist activity or / and the individual that is often present when activity takes place. The focus is often thought of being directly or indirectly responsible for some, if not all poltergeist activity. Imitative Sounds are sounds that imitate equipment, appliances or even residents or pets of the household, sometimes mistaken for real events. Disembodied Voices are sounds that can not be identified as imitative, suggesting the sound is foreign to the household. For example, a voice that calls your name, that cannot be readily identified. Incendiary Effects is when items combust for no apparent reason. Some scientific investigators believe there could be a possible connection between poltergeist activity and spontaneous combustion, even when it involves human combustion, known as (SHC). Sometimes objects are found hot or warm to the touch. If this does takes place, it is not classed as incendiary effects until it has literally combusted. Apparitions are not often seen in connection with a poltergeist infestation, however it has occurred a small number of times. Apparitions seem to come in many shapes and forms but those allegedly associated with poltergeist phenomena seem to be amorphous or without real or defined shape. Electrical / Mechanical Interference such as TVs, Radios and other household appliances, can often work of their own accord, even if not plugged into the main supply. In some cases, a form of communication has taken place via the use of such appliances. This is known as (Ghost in the Machine). Also household bills can often jump up to huge amounts, as the activity affects the electrical meters and readings.

Incubus / Succubus Activity is said to be a male or female demonic spirits, however this is only speculation. Incubus activity involves females allegedly being sexually touched or attacked. In cases of males, this is known as Succubus activity. It has been noted that these attacks can take place anywhere and at any time, leaving the victims somewhat helpless. Scientific establishments look on this particular phenomena to be associated to temperol lobe seisures, epilepsy or sleep deprivation. However, both theories have equal arguments. It is a well documented phenomenon that was depicted in the 1970s film, (The Entity), where a woman called Carlotta Moran, a widow with three children was the victim of incubus activity. Night after night she was ravaged by something that had no form. The activity seems to have malevolent intent. Today these attacks still occur, not as often, nor as severe. In some circumstances the victim may even go through a series of phantom pregnancies. It is written in old book that these entities are fallen angels and a union with one was once thought to produce demons and witches. If one is to believe in such legends, Merlin the wizard was said to have been the offspring of such a union. However, legends often prove to be nothing more than just made up stories. The word Incubus is Latin and means 'Male Nightmare'.

There seems to be no reason why such incidents take place and no form of pattern. Most attacks are on individuals who have a strong religious belief, however, as usual this is not always the case. As you may probably guess, investigating such claims can be difficult. The one thing that does stand out is that all other forms of poltergeist activity can take place simultaneously, indicating a possible connection to infestations. Physical marks have also allegedly been witnessed, the so called after effects of such an attack. In some cases, bringing in specialised equipment can supress or reduce the possibility of poltergeist activity taking place. However, in most cases poltergeist activity seems to take place outside the view of video or photographic equipment. Some investigators refer to poltergeist's as alleged spirits, but it is not a spirit in the spiritualistic sense. I believe I am right in stating that spiritualists or mediums do not accept the poltergeist as a discarnate entity, (the ghost that once was a man), but rather as an 'elemental' or Nature Spirit; a being evolved from, or constituting the lower elemental nature of man. Thus possibly created by man himself. Objects are seldom seen to rise, or leave their normal stationary positions. However, there are rare exceptions to this general rule. In Vienna, on May 1st 1926, during an investigation. An investigator claimed to see a cushion on a chair begin to move, then it appeared to hesitate, and then it slipped quietly to the floor. It was just as though the cushion knew that the investigator was looking at it and decided not to make a real flight. It was caught in the act as it were.

Poltergeist projected missiles behave very strangely. Most witness report almost being hit by an object which would have certainly been dangerous if it had struck them. However, in cases of projectiles, there are very few that have hit people. This seems to indicate that the poltergeist wants the witness to experience the worry of an object hitting them. If the projectile hit the witness and caused an nasty injury, the witness may vacate the building on a permanent basis, which would possibly be a disadvantage to the poltergeist, as we believe that the energy to create such object movement is taken from those in close proximity to the phenomena and then this energy is manipulated into activity which the witnesses see and become upset, worried, and stressful. These conditions may cause a heightened form of energy that once again the poltergeist uses, and the cycle continues. This causes the witness many psychological problems, be it sleep disorders, panic attacks, phobias or mental injuries and vexation.

Some object are seen to fly through the air slowly and then crash to the ground, however there are those who say that they have seen objects fly through the air very fast and then the have fallen very hard to the floor and not broken when they should have done. Some objects are found to be hot or warm to the touch, indicating molecular manipulation. Especially those objects that have seemed to pass through walls or ceilings. Some object fall to the floor as if they had an unnatural trajectory. There are those who believe in the fourth dimension theory. Some poltergeists have even thrown stones at windows from outside. When the case was investigated by the police. They found the stones to be scrubbed clean. Even more unusual was that there were no stones like this for miles around. Witnesses also reported seeing the stones pass through a previous whole in the window as if the stones had guided themselves in some way. Object are rarely seen to travel upwards, this may indicate a more difficult poltergeist action.